Belvidere Estate has a reputation for being one of the safest suburbs in Knysna.  Situated some 9 kilometres from the town, it is a peaceful, relaxed, and secure environment with a single access road.  The Estate follows a layered approach to security including cameras with an artificial intelligence capability in key locations.  These cameras are linked to a sophisticated control room with armed response vehicles located in the immediate vicinity.

Our Homeowner’s Association is a registered neighbourhood watch and part of Knysna’s Community Police Forum.  As an active member, we recently helped raise funds for a thermal imaging drone which can be deployed at short notice to assist with crime fighting and rescue operations.  In addition to the Estate’s state-of-the-art camera network, the main road leading to the Estate is monitored by a camera with specialist vehicle identification technology, which is part of a provincial network monitored by SAPS and a leading local security company.

Crime intelligence and unfolding trends are provided in regular monthly meetings with SAPS, Knysna’s largest security company, and other neighbourhood watches.  Residents of Belvidere Estate play an active role in crime prevention with a core group of some 70 homeowners doing regular nightly patrols.  The most notable intruders recently spotted are our nocturnal neighbours including porcupines, bush pigs, owls, spotted Dikkop and the odd Caracal.

Belvidere has a peaceful, relaxed and secure environment with a single access road.

Mounted security cameras
Man with drone machine
Security computer screen
Lady on MBT