Fishing is a favourite pastime in Knysna.  There are several areas in close proximity to Belvidere Estate which provide for excellent angling and include deep-sea, rock-and-surf, fresh water, as well as the Knysna estuary which forms the shoreline of the estate.

Fishing and bait collecting permits can be obtained from any of the post offices (Knysna Post Office is on the corner of Main and Montague streets).  It is advisable that all anglers obtain a copy of the SANPark’s brochure ‘Salt water fishing in the Knysna area’.  It contains a species list for recreational anglers and the local fishing regulations, which include daily bag limits and minimum size restrictions for the coastal and bait species.

Spotted grunter, garrick, white steenbras and Cape stumpnose are the most common fish to be found in the lagoon.  You can catch these either by fly fishing or conventional methods on sand or mud prawns, which you can collect on the mudflats at low tide.

Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular in the Garden Route and there are quite a few fly anglers who stay in Belvidere Estate. 

Other fish caught in the estuary include:

  • shad (elf)
  • kob (kabeljou)
  • white steenbras
  • white musselcracker
  • bronze bream
  • blacktail
  • mullet
  • a variety of skates
  • and the occasional ragged-tooth shark
Seal at Belvidere